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For a long time we have been told having a college degree ensures your financial future. While it's true that earnings with a bachelors degree are in excess of $26,000 more per year than having a high school diploma alone, what about the effect of college debt?
You've been told college costs are through the roof and that everyone has college debt. Yes, 70% of college students do graduate with debt, but 30% do not! I went on a mission to find out what the 30% were doing differently. They're not rich and they're not destitute. They have a strategy. I used that strategy for my two homeschooled kids. They were awarded 6 and 8 scholarships totaling over $180,000 for a debt free 4 years of college with cash left over. And you can do it too!
Don't put this off. The earlier you start, the more opportunities there are.

The Strategy

Cracking the Code to Free College is the complete strategy I used for my kids to get free college. With 600,000 college students graduating debt free EVERY year, it's not a fluke. It doesn't 'just happen.' And they aren't 'lucky.' It's dedication to following a step by step plan.


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